SDBIP 2009/2010

Every municipality must have in place the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) as a tool to monitor its service delivery.


Section 1 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (No.56 of 2003) defines the SDBIP as: “a detailed plan approved by the mayor of a municipality in terms of section 53 (1)(c)(ii) for implementing the municipality’s delivery of services and the execution of its annual budget and which must include (as part of the top-layer) the following:


(a) projections for each month of-
(i) revenue to be collected, by source; and
(ii) operational and capital expenditure, by vote;
(b) service delivery targets and performance indicators for each quarter”.
(c) ward information for expenditure and service delivery


The Amajuba District Municipality (Amajuba DM) has prepared its SDBIP as per attached document (see annexure A, B, C, D and E). The ward information is however not stipulated because Amajuba DM is lawfully not accountable in respect to ward committees.

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