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Amajuba DM Receives the “Clean Administration Award”

Amajuba DM Receives the “Clean Administration Award”

The Mayor of Amajuba District Municipality, Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane, on behalf of the Exco and full Council, welcomes recognition of the Amajuba District Municipality’s work in improving its management of public funds.

Amajuba District Municipality received a “Clean Administration Award” from the Chartered Institute of Governance Finance Audit & Risk Officers. The awards held at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC).



The award ceremony was held on the 3rd October 2016 in Durban and was attended by Deputy Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mr Obed Bapela, Amajuba District Municipality got recognition for being the most improved municipality for 2014/15 Financial Year in terms of the municipal audit outcome.



Commenting on the award the former Mayor, Cllr JCN MaMkhwanazi Khumalo, expressed her gratitude and thanked those who supported her during her tenure to improve the financial situation of the municipality. “We come from difficult times, we come from the time when the financial difficulties of Amajuba District Municipality made headlines in most newspapers. The Council at that time accepted that there were challenges and we committed ourselves into coming up with strategies to address the situation then. We accepted that the results of our efforts would not be realised sooner. But we remained hopeful. It is for such reasons that we congratulate the current administration for receiving this special award. This is the award for the people of Amajuba District. It’s a kind of an award that re-affirms to our people that they are well led and their finances are taken care of”, said Cllr JCN MaMkhwanazi who is now the Speaker for Newcastle Local Municipality.



Briefly what was the award we received all about;


Municipalities receive this award based on Auditor General’s Audit outcome for the year 2014/15 for the most improved municipalities. This is a way of IMFO – now known as CIGFARO to encourage these municipalities to do more to get clean audit in the next year.


Which areas we improved on;


In 2014/2015 financial year there was an improvement on the audit opinion as the municipality received a qualified audit opinion as compared to 2013/2014 financial year whereby the municipality received a disclaimer audit opinion.


The completeness of revenue and debtors which materially affects the statement of financial performance and statement of financial position of the municipality led to a qualified audit opinion, which much effort has been applied to enhance these areas.


Other matters that did not affect the audit opinion were matters of emphasis relating to compliance, performance and internal control


What does it mean about the municipality’s audit outcomes;


The municipality has implemented various action plans to address the prior year’s findings which will have an immense impact on the current year’s audit and enhancement on such issues as mentioned above


Measures taken to improve municipal performance;


  • The municipality has established an Interim Finance Committee composed of Senior Management, COGTA and Provincial Representatives;
  • The Committee initially convened on weekly basis, however currently it’s on monthly basis;
  • It deliberates on Revenue Management, Expenditure Management and implementation of Cost Containment Measures;
  • COGTA intervened by recommending two Senior Officials in the acting positions of the CFO and Director – Corporates Services during the 2015/2016 (current) financial period;
  • National Treasury has provided resources for compilation of fixed assets register at no cost which ease the burden of incurring the expenditure.
  • Provincial Treasury has provided the following complete resources at no cost to the municipality: financial management support, revenue management and VAT accounting support

This award has been well accepted by the Amajuba District Municipality’s Executive Committee on behalf of the full Council and they have all committed to use this award as a benchmark to work towards working for achieving a “Clean Audit” opinion consistently.



“This is indeed a reward worth being celebrated for, but more so, a challenge as we enter into our tenure of office being newly appointed councillors of this most esteemed municipality. It is surely a recognition of the blood, sweat and tears our predecessors experienced under the leadership of Her Worship the former Mayor Mrs JCN MaMkhwanazi Khumalo. I am confident that, as a collective, we have to build upon this base to accomplish our objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach in evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management and control processes. This being done with undivided cooperation and dedication of all stakeholders- which I believe we do have, will yield even a much better, if not the best outcome- come next financial year 2015/16”, said Mayor Dr Musa Ngubane.


ADM Award


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Cllr MG Ngubane Hon Mayor
Cllr MG Ngubane (Hon Mayor)
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Cllr SE Nkosi (Deputy Mayor)
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