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Mayor congratulates the 2015 Grade 12 Class

The Mayor of Amajuba District Municipality on behalf of the Council and the people of the district wishes to congratulate the 2015 Grade 12 Class who obtained positive results.


We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your commitment and hard work that paid dividends in your Grade 12 results. We are proud of all our learners who performed well and we also are equally proud of our educators and officials for facilitating the excellent results.


Passing one’s Grade 12 is one of life’s milestones.   It can also be seen as a stepping stone into the brighter future. It opens up opportunities and the Amajuba District Municipality is happy to congratulate all of you who have obtained your Grade 12 certificates.   Passing Grade 12 also signals a new beginning and you should realise that what happens after Grade 12 is in own hands.


To those of you who didn’t do that well, we encourage you to try to persevere and remember the wise words of our late former president Mandela who once said “Judge me not by how much I have succeeded but how much I have fallen and risen”.


For those who did not make it, please try again as you cannot just after more than 12 years abdicate, surrender, abjure and abandon what you started years ago! If you succumb, capitulate or fall victim to failure now, you are not going to make it!


For those who might not be able to further their studies in universities or universities of technology for various reasons, please consider the many skills development courses offered by Majuba TVET. You can never go wrong by registering with one of TVET institutions, we have seen many after completing their studies at these TVET institutions enjoying success.


We wish you all the best of luck for the years ahead as you begin the new journey!



Cllr JCN MaMkhwanazi Khumalo

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Cllr MG Ngubane Hon Mayor
Cllr MG Ngubane (Hon Mayor)
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Cllr SE Nkosi (Deputy Mayor)
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Cllr AF Rehman (Speaker)