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Back To Basics Clean Up Campaign

The Amajuba District Municipality together with the Newcastle Municipality took an initiative to improve people’s lives by getting involved in the Back to Basics campaign. The Mayor of the District, school children and community members from Osizweni, councillors and senior managers from Newcastle Local Municipality were involved. This campaign took place on the 15 April 2015 at Osizweni CBD, the area was chosen after the assessment Newcastle Local Municipality’s Community Services department which indicated a problem of littering. The specific area targeted is also used by SASSA as a pension pay-point and there is a need that it is forever kept clean for the sake of the elderly and the sickly pensioners’ health. This campaign was also about teaching people how to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.


“It is important for us as the Amajuba District Municipality to keep the environment clean and that is why we said lets go to the community clean it so that they will see how important it is to have a clean environment” said the Mayor Cllr JCN Khumalo.


This event was also about Newcastle carbon footprint on global warming and on what should people do to save water, electricity and how they should be involved in the carbon footprint by planting more trees and having food gardens.


Back to Basics is a government’s approach to speed up service delivery and simply means “Setting clear benchmarks of performance in our efforts to ensure that all municipalities perform their basic responsibilities, every day, without fail”.


As part of the implementation of the Back to Basics campaign municipalities will embark on providing basic services such as the following:


  • the cutting grass;
  • patching potholes;
  • working traffic lights and streetlights;
  • fixing leaking taps; and
  • keeping a clean environment and consistent refuse removal.


In the KwaZulu-Natal province the Back to Basics campaign was launched by the premier of Kwa Zulu Natal Senzo Mchunu and Nomusa Dube-Ncube the MEC for Cooperative Government and Traditional Affairs. The focus of the KwaZulu-Natal Launch was on:


  • Putting the people and their concerns first and to ensure constant contact with communities through effective public participation platforms.
  • Create conditions for decent living by consistently delivering municipal services to the right quality and standards.
  • Be well governed and demonstrate good governance and administration by cutting wastage, spending public monies prudently, hiring competent staff, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Ensure sound financial management and accounting and prudently manage resources so as to sustainably deliver services and bring development to communities.
  • Build and maintain sound institutional and administrative capabilities, administered and managed by dedicated and skilled personnel at all levels.


The clean-up campaign was one of the many government initiatives to be implemented as part of the government’s Back to Basics campaign. Communities are also urged to work with government to ensure that this progressive campaign is implemented effectively.

Amajuba News

Cllr MG Ngubane Hon Mayor
Cllr MG Ngubane (Hon Mayor)
Cllr SE Nkosi Deputy Mayor
Cllr SE Nkosi (Deputy Mayor)
Cllr AF Rehman Speaker
Cllr AF Rehman (Speaker)